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Individual therapy can be a transforming time to focus on yourself, your strengths and areas of growth.

There are many different therapeutic modalities and treatment approaches that people find to be of help. Individual therapy typically involves regularly scheduled meetings between a licensed therapist and a client.

Individuals seek out therapy for many reasons. Whatever your reason, therapy can provide a supportive environment to work on your goals, heal emotional pain, or make the changes you desire in your life. Maybe you feel like you just need someone to listen, or maybe you feel that you need someone to challenge you to think or act in new ways.

Bald Mountain Behavioral Medicine embraces a client-centered and collaborative approach to therapy, meaning that we would work with you to approach your issues from a perspective that we hope will best match your needs, values, beliefs, and goals. We’ll examine your life carefully considering how the psychological, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of your life may be affecting the issues that you’re working on in therapy.

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