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Bald Mountain Behavioral Medicine serves as an outpatient therapeutic resource for adults, adolescents, couples, families, and groups. Its team of caring experienced professionals specializes in addiction medicine, pain management, and psychotherapy.

With over 30 years combined expertise in the fields of medicine and mental health – our staff of dedicated clinicians offer treatment for clients experiencing difficulties in such areas as addiction, substance use disorder, chronic pain, anger management, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, post-traumatic stress, attention-deficit/hyperactivity, behavioral/parenting issues, child/tween/teen issues, and family/marital conflict.

Meet Our Therapists

Dr. John W. Kitzmiller M.D., M.A.Dr. John W. Kitzmiller, M.D., M.A.

Practicing as a Vascular Surgeon over the past 25 years, I have extensive experience treating critical illness as well as an understanding of the immense impact such challenges have on patients and their families. As a physician with chronic pain, coupled with addiction experience, I have developed expertise in the management of severe pain, addiction, and the associated issues that often coexist; including depression, anxiety, and shame. I offer treatment for individuals as well as couples and families affected by chronic pain and addiction. I have a license to prescribe Suboxone and I am therefore qualified to treat individuals with opiate addiction through detoxification, as well as managing their long-term treatment.

We have added new modalities for the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These modalities include state-of-the-art cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) and Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET). CES is a generic term denoting low level electrical stimulations to the brain. The brain functions electrochemically and can be readily modulated by transmitting an electrical waveform. Pain, mood conditions (like anxiety and depression), and insomnia are all controlled by the body’s central nervous system. The billions of individual cells that comprise the nervous system communicate every sensation by conducting electrochemical signals between the cells in your body and brain.

Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) is a generic term used to describe a low level current form of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) used for pain control typically applied for 2-5 minutes through probes, or self-adhesive electrodes for longer applications. MET differs from traditional TENS in that MET uses lower current levels and longer pulse widths. This technology produces residual and cumulative results not generally seen with higher current TENS devices. MET is used for acute, chronic and post-traumatic pain using such a low current it is a subsensory experience for the patient.

Bald Mountain Behavioral Medicine is the only practice in Oakland county Michigan that offers pharmacogenetic testing. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs. With a simple noninvasive cheek swab, we are able to help our patients determine drug regimen that will specifically work for them based on their genetic makeup. This serves as a blueprint that will show how each individual patient will metabolize the drugs they are prescribed. Having this test performed helps us prescribe the proper drug, at the proper dose, the very first time. It is our mission to drastically reduce the number of adverse drug reactions that happen every single day.

At Bald Mountain Behavioral Medicine, we are dedicated in offering the latest, most-comprehensive treatments available for our patients.

Meet Our Therapists

Diana T. Kitzmiller, M.A., L.L.P.Diana T. Kitzmiller, M.A., L.L.P.

Taking the first steps in finding a therapist can be an intimidating experience for many people. Over the past sixteen years as a Clinical Psychologist, I have been sensitive to my client’s personal process of building rapport and trust. It is crucial to provide a space in which my client feels safe to share his/her personal life challenges without judgment, shame, or embarrassment.
My treatment approach with children, adults, families, and couples is eclectic – Psychoanalytic; CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); FMT (Family-Marital Therapy); ART (Aggression Replacement Therapy); TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I have found that using a mosaic treatment approach results in successful client treatment plans and goals.
I have over twenty years professional experience in the industries of higher education, industry, and mental health. I believe in the human potential. I believe that as individuals, we hold the power to choose our own path in life.

Services & Specialties

Our Specialties also include but are not limited to:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Chronic pain, Substance disorders, ADD/ADHD, Aggression & Anger, Anxiety, Behavioral issues, Court-ordered counseling (IOP), Depression, Divorce, Dual-diagnosis, Eating disorders, Gender issues, Grief/loss, MMMP – Michigan Medical Marijuana Program, Personality disorders, Relationship issues, Self-esteem, Sexuality, Spirituality, Psychological testing, Psychotherapy, Trauma & PTSD

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